Piffy (pig_catapult) wrote in naruto_rants,

Spoilers for chapter 552

"Oh, I don't think you'll need it anymore" is a seriously lazy-writing reason for destroying the crow now that it's completed its purpose to the plot. How does Itachi, dude who makes insane plans years in advance, know that Sasuke's not still going to be a menace in ten years? Answer: He doesn't, but Kishimoto needed a way to write out the plot device.

It would have been much less forced/contrived if he'd just changed the conditions of recasting the genjutsu something that would no longer be possible at that point in the first place. Like "the eye requires the person who has it in their socket to perform some special ritual to recharge the genjutsu, but only Shisui knew it/it won't work now that Shisui's dead/the crow doesn't have thumbs."

Kishimoto, how do you manage to make me love your characters while at the same time making me hate your writing?
Tags: kishimoto is a troll, look out for the plothole
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