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Banwar Jesticles

Ugh. Shut up.

Yeah, sorry, I know there have been a lot of Sakura Haruno posts lately, but I kind of need to vent.

I accidentally came across this lovely little stamp by some guy who really doesn't like Sakura - judging how many anti-Sakura groups he's in - and my curiosity got the better of me, so I had a look at the comments. And I found this little gem.

Man It's so funny and entertaining reading these suckura fans get so worked up over this stamp xDDD But they just need to face the facts and that suckura is NOT a Heroine just the Naruto whore. Seriously fan-girls pair up suckura with everyone and make up the WEIRDEST couples such as Deisucku, Kisasucku, Itasucku, every guy in the Akatsuki even Konan!!!! WTF people?!?!?!?
Common even DeiIno is more possible than Deisucku

So let me get this straight. A character who hasn't so much as snogged anyone on screen, let alone had sex, is a whore because fans ship her with different characters. Because of fanon, not canon. I've seen this accusation thrown at plenty of female characters (including Hinata, which is beyond laughable), but oddly enough, I've never seen male characters called whores. Naruto, Itachi, Sasuke, Shikamaru and Kakashi are paired up with loads of different characters, does that make them whores? Oops, sorry, I forgot. Man sleeping around = good. Girl sleeping around = BAD BAD BAD. It's even sadder when you see girls making such stupid comments. 

Also, it depresses me how many comments on the anti-Sakura stuff there are from Hinata fans who think she should be the lead character. Look, I like Hinata, but she's not the main female character, Sakura is. Deal with it. I prefer Shikamaru to Naruto, but I can accept that he will always be a side character.)

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