Banwar Jesticles (kankurette) wrote in naruto_rants,
Banwar Jesticles

On Chapter 569

A chapter full of flashbacks, Kishimoto? Really? And they weren't even new flashbacks, just regurgitated manga panels. Pull your finger out, man.

I despair of this manga sometimes, I really do.

Btw I NEED TO KNOW - are Kakashi and Gai actually going to do anything in this fight? And can we PLEASE get some disclosure on Kankuro at some point? I'm surprised the poor guy's not dead yet.

Reading my earlier posts, I was evidently happy with how the war was going, since all the neglected side characters were getting screentime (Team 10! Their dads! Kankuro! Tenten!), but ever since Naruto showed up, got a Jesus complex and insisted on doing everything's starting to go right down in my estimation. I know he's the hero, but why create all these side characters if you're not going to do anything with them? Why build up to all these fights and then just completely ignore them? Blame Kishi for making the side characters more likeable than the lead ones (and I'm including Sakura in the side characters, since her creator treats her like one), although YMMV. Also, I'm kind of surprised no-one on the good side's died yet.

And I'm not that unreasonable for wanting Sakura to get a fight, surely?

This is why I should probably stick to Hellsing...
Tags: bored now, dear kishimoto-sensei, kishimoto is a troll, there are other characters too, why am i still reading
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