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badfic alert

crapdealer in naruto_rants

Not really a rant but a burning question

Sooooo I've read a couple of fanfics owing to a sudden relapse and I've come across this a couple of times--and as someone who doesn't follow the manga and can't follow the anime owing to a JOB OF EPIC PROPORTION, I thought I should turn to you guys for help. So.

Is Naruto giving Sasuke a sunrise as a birthday gift in the past canon or fanon? I'm just really curious.



if doesn't appear in the anime: definitely fanon
I'd say it's fanon. Also, Naruto giving a sunrise? I can't see him doing that, it's a bit too subtle for him.
Hmm. I can see you're kinda right. Thanks!
HAHAHA omfg is it a fannon trope? I wrote that exact thing into a story once but I didn't know anyone else did it. I was just trying to pay a tribute to 10rankai who wrote such a beautiful doujinshi that I wanted to pay homage to it by referencing the sunrise that she wrote into the doujinshi story…

trope or not, whatever, I'm fabulous, confidence of steel, etc.
Um. May I read it? >.>;;
I've only come across it in 10-rankai's "Taiyou no Sumika". But then again, I haven't read all the Naruto fics out there, so wouldn't know.