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karkashan in naruto_rants

Learn to Spell

Tis my cry of pain I shout at thee, fandom of Naruto. For thou hast betrayed the very principles of our great language with your blatant disregard for basic human decency.

Let us count, my fellow babies, the number of things wrong with the first f****** chapter of your fic. Actually, scratch that.
Why don't we just make a list?!

Because that would take too long,

and as you don't know normal things that first graders learn about, like that you're supposed to use capitalization at the beginning of every sentence and for proper names,  (Like, say, the first two names that come up in your fic, Sasuke and Sakura. Which are not spelled any different no matter how many time you write them. Just because you say his name fifteen times doesn't magically transform the spelling into "Sasukue" or "hinta", which you used in the next sentence after you spelled both correctly) I'm gonna talk about something else.

To you want me to tell them, dear author, about your use of the 'word' "deth" in your chapter title? No? Okay. Then I won't be telling them how your plot doesn't even begin to make sense (Sakura being a total b**** to Naruto for no reason in the Forest of Death and Sasuke getting killed along with Sakura by Hinata of all people) or that Naruto suddenly gets this *magical* leap in skill just because his friends die apparently and kills the Sound Team for...some reason, and is sorry about it too. Like he didn't have a choice.

When he did. Cause you made him this "badass". So he didn't have to kill the defenseless Kin who was crying because he just killed her teammates you annoying blond OC like you obviously thing he did.

I would leave a review, but then again that wouldn't fit with the 14 positive reviews, 17 favs, and 22 follows. Because I would not be a nice person. At all.

P.S. Dear Naruto fandom. I have a challenge for you. Write a fic, where Naruto stays in his own Juubi-damned village and is actually happy/content/not an emo. I'm not saying he can't leave on missions or something, but this was old and stale in 2007. But 19/25 fics on one page should not be about him leaving, or even worse getting his Kurama holding self kicked out of the village because of yeah.