Banwar Jesticles (kankurette) wrote in naruto_rants,
Banwar Jesticles

Dear Naruto fandom,

1. Why are medic-nins always considered to be useless? Yes, I know watching someone kill someone is more entertaining than watching someone heal someone, but there's no logic in what you're saying. The ninja forces need medic-nin because medic-nin save lives. Why else was Zetsu targeting the medics? They're pretty important. Yes, this includes Sakura. Who apparently has been useless throughout this war because she only killed one Zetsu. I guess the fact she healed Gai - who has been, I dunno, fighting fucking Tobi of all people - passed people by. (This post brought to you by a macro on Facebook going "hurr hurr Sakura be useless cos she only killed one Zetsu, as opposed to Hinata / Kiba / Darui / Kitsuchi / Neji who killed loads.")

2. Can we please stop with the 'friendzone' jokes on Mangareader? It's enough having to scroll through all your recolours to get to the actual manga, but I could do without 'hurr hurr Naruto friendzoned Hinata' or 'Sakura friendzoned Naruto'. I'm surprised no-one's [manga spoiler]bashed Rin yet for friendzoning Obito.

Dear Masashi Kishimoto,

Just get on with the flashbacks already. I wants mah rookies.
Tags: everyone hates sakura, kishimoto is a troll, your pairing creeps me out

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