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On fanbrats, crows and bad parenting

Dear whoever it was who made this shit and the various fangirls commenting on who they'd have to kill a bitch if she touched their precious Hidan / Deidara / Itachi / Steve,

I don't know if you realise this, but erm...Akatsuki aren't real. Sakura can't be stealing any of them from you because they don't exist, and neither does she. Not to mention that most of Akatsuki, as much as I like them, would probably make crap boyfriends anyway. Sasori is made of wood, Deidara blows things up for fun, Zetsu is a carnivorous plant, Madara is a megalomaniac, Kisame is a pyscho, Kakuzu has a really nasty temper, Hidan kills people for shits and giggles, Itachi has more issues than Cosmo and Pein has a god complex. Also, considering Akatsuki are Sakura's enemies in canon, I don't think she's going to be boinking them any time soon.

G-d, hating Sakura because she's a threat to SasuNaru / NaruHina is one thing, but hating her for being a threat to you and someone who only exists on paper? What the hell. I can't understand putting so much effort into drawing a fictional character being killed in all kinds of nasty ways by people she actually has little to do with in canon. Actually, I find it weird wishing violent and painful death on someone who isn't real anyway, but I guess it's my age.

No love,

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Dearest Naruto fandom, oh have I missed thee! Thy smooth contours of supple scanlation, surpassed only by the beauty that is the delicateness to which the greatest artists of thine internet generation have decided to attribute to the bones of those who would fight heroic battles against loathsome individuals who would deign to try and steal their beloved of two days.

And let's not forget your tendency to embrace run-on sentences and breathe new life into them, turning an entire chapter into one, giant, perilous paragraph.

But that's not why I'm here today, talking at ya'll. Nah, I'm here today to ask a question.

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YMMV, of course, except when you write poetry so bad you force an android to travel from the future to the past just so he can drop a city on you in order to stop you from writing the poetry in the first place.

On the Sasori fight

This was posted by a Sasori fan on Narutofan. He really, really, REALLY hates Sakura and call her fans 'apologists'.

This has been bugging me a while now, I might add, because the Sasori fight was Sakura's greatest moment, and I've seen a lot of Sakura haters trying to downplay her role in the fight by saying she didn't do anything, Sasori let her and Chiyo win, she was useless as usual etc. WRONG. To say Sakura did nothing in that fight is downright ignorant.

This is my attempt at replying to the post.

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Pissed off Kankuro

Put down that kunai and make me a sandwich!

Dear people who post in the Telegrams section of Narutofan,
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Dear TV Tropes,

Can we stop with all the comments about how Chouji is stupid? Case in point, his entry in the Fat Idiot trope:

In Naruto, Choji's displays of stupidity are less spectacular than those of Kiba, Rock Lee, or Naruto, but he has a lack of common sense to the point of valuing food over self-preservation, rarely has any especially clever or insightful ideas, and according to the Databooks, has the lowest possible score in Intelligence in Part 1, with it still being very low in Part 2.

Now, I know Chouji is not a genius like Shikamaru, but he isn't a total idiot either. edgiko pointed out in my Chouji rant that he is a very good people reader. He's got Shikamaru figured out and knows how he works. Apparently he's the same with Ino. He evidently sensed there was something seriously wrong in the current chapter. Not many characters do have 'clever or insightful ideas' besides the mains and the geniuses like Neji, Shikamaru etc., so singling Chouji out is hardly fair, and he has shown initiative in the past, such as the Jirobo fight. I know, I know, fatties are dumb, etc. but Chouji is hardly the village idiot of Konoha.

As for valuing food over self-preservation, food IS self-preservation for Chouji. He has to eat a lot in order to keep his chakra up, because his clan turn calories into chakra. If Chouji doesn't eat, he can't fight. And wtf is this about his eating habits getting him in trouble? I know Miaka Yuki apparently got herself into serious trouble because of her greed (Fushigi Yuugi fans, confirm/deny this?), but I don't think Chouji has, at least not in the manga. Stop taking the anime as canon. The anime makes Chouji out to be far more of a drooling idiot than he really is.

And how far can one trust the databooks?

An irritated Chouji fan.
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