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*Insert Incoherent Screaming Here*

Rantings about Naruto and Narutards
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About Naruto_Rants

This community is designed as a place for fans of Naruto to complain about Naruto the series or the fandom. Got issues with an overused plot device in fanfiction? Sick of Sasuke angst? Want Narutards to stop using fangirl Japanese? This is the place for it.

If are just looking for a place to bash Naruto because you want to see fans cry, you're in the wrong place.

The Rule

1. Use the Graphic Adult Content filter when postings graphic adult content. Please see this post.

The "Guideline"

More like guidelines really

1. Keep it on topic. If its not about Naruto, then don't post it here. Community promos are fine if they a) relate to Naruto and b) the post isn't spammy.

2. Play nice. No personal attacks on actual people, whether they are members or not. No trolling, no bigotry.

3. No one word comments, please. If you must "word" at least point out why you are doing it.

4. Linking to bad cosplay, fanfiction or fanart is permitted, but be prepared for the backlash. Naruto_rants will not save you if the victim comes out and wants your blood. Most people on LJ will just point, laugh and then report the mess to fandom_wank.

5. Do not hotlink if you do not own it. Use a photobucket or somesuch account.

6. Spoilers should be under a cut with a warning. Generally anything that hasn't been shown in the anime should be put under a cut.

7. Adult material should be under a cut with as specific a warning as can be mustered.

8. Image/Icon posts are fine, but should be *wait for it....* under a cut.

9. No turning off comments. No whining if people don't agree with you.

10. No "revenge" posts. If you have been ranted at or about, post your piece in the comments of the rant and then STFU.

This community is NOT meant to be a place for drama over fandom. If you want to start shit, head on over to whoa_damn and leave us be.

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